This initiative aims to better serve customers and provide best practices in the areas of Domain Name Registration, Cloud Web Hosting, and Webmail Management. However, customers should carefully read the refund policy for digital-related products and services under a hosting plan. In most cases, a refund will not be processed after the annual premium payment has been made within the initial seven (7) days.

All Website Hosting Plans and products, whether specified on their terms and conditions or purchased by the customer. By purchasing any Website Hosting based products or services, customers agree to the terms and conditions of the Refund Policy. Customers who do not accept these terms should not purchase or use such products.

The annual website hosting plan subscription is for the entire first year period and will be renewed on an annual subscription basis to keep the website live and functioning. If a customer cancels the hosting service at any time after the hosting payment is made, no refunds or credits will be offered. Customers who wish to cancel a hosting plan after the first year of service should call us on 02 9069 0299 or send us an email on stating us clearly that they are cancelling their service.

For any digital Website Hosting and Web Mail related issues for payments, cancellations, and technical support, customers can contact us on 02 9069 0299 or send us an email on or